Thank you for visiting the website of John L. Hessel & Associates. This site is designed to explain the concept of capital stewardship and fundraising services for churches.


Fundraising is different for churches than for other kinds of institutions. Donors are motivated by gratitude for life’s blessings, obedience to God, and investment in God’s Kingdom. Stewardship is an essential concept to Church support. Likewise, capital fund raising (raising money for building projects) is different for churches than other types of church stewardship emphases. As a result, church leaders that may lead annual stewardship budget emphases are ill-equipped for leading a successful capital campaign.

Stewardship Campaign

A Capital Stewardship Campaign is the most Biblically based, spiritually motivated, and financially practical way for churches to provide funds for building projects. To be successful, a campaign must be carefully designed and scheduled, led with attention to important details, and focused on the Church’s vision for ministry. Many churches, faced with the need for expanding or improving space for ministry, have found that a capital stewardship campaign can provide the funds needed to move a building project from vision to reality. With motivated giving and accelerated amortization, some churches have literally saved more in interest than the cost of the project, as compared with long-term debt retirement.


John L. Hessel & Associates has assisted churches with over 250 capital stewardship campaigns since 1983. John Hessel can direct and coordinate all phases of your campaign to assure that each step is accomplished as efficiently and effectively as possible. A capital stewardship campaign is a very specialized spiritual endeavor—informed coordination and a commitment to key principles of Biblical stewardship are essential. John Hessel will provide training materials and resources designed specifically for your campaign. His expertise will assure a greater spiritual blessing for your church, and a financial success for your campaign.


With over 35 years of experience and over 250 campaigns conducted, John Hessel brings that experience and substantial expertise to your capital campaign.

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Our Mission…

To assist Churches in fulfilling their mission by providing capital stewardship services that will improve their facilities and strengthen their ministries for sustained growth and outreach