Campaign Process


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Campaign Process

Campaign Process

A capital stewardship campaign is a systematic three month effort, Biblically based and spiritually motivated, to inform and challenge your congregation to give designated capital gifts over a three year period, over and above tithes and other offerings.

A typical capital campaign includes three phases:

  • Preparation Phase enlistment and Prayer (7 – 8 weeks)
  • Communication Phase sharing the Vision (4 weeks)
  • Commitment Visitation a time to decide (2-3 weeks)

When your church does a capital stewardship campaign, the first step is to determine the specific elements of the campaign that will be most effective in your church. John Hessel will help you design the most effective campaign possible for your congregation and circumstances.

The consultant will also help you set the calendar for your campaign, to assure that your capital campaign fits the schedule of your project development, and complements ongoing ministries of your church, rather than competing with them for attention.

Before the capital campaign begins, the consultant will design and produce a set of campaign manuals, reflecting the decisions made about the structure, schedule, and methods of your campaign.