Services Provided


Hessel and Associates

Services Provided


1. Capital Stewardship Services:
John Hessel & Associates will assist your church in designing a capital stewardship campaign that uniquely fits the lifestyle and vision of your congregation. Services include:

  • designing the campaign process
  • producing manuals and training materials unique to your campaign
  • enlisting and equipping campaign leadership
  • guiding the campaign process and conducting training
  • follow-up support during the three year period of giving

2. Preliminary Surveys:
John Hessel & Associates can conduct a preliminary survey to evaluate congregation support, concerns, and potential resources for your capital project.  When a Church needs to do something, but is not sure what that “something” should be, a Preliminary Survey can provide invaluable insights to help discern God’s leadership for the Church. 

A Preliminary Survey includes:

  • face to face interviews of selected members and congregational surveys
  • a customized survey process and content for your Church
  • Timely interpretation of survey results and recommendations
  • In person explanation of survey responses and conclusions

If a church subsequently does a capital stewardship campaign using John L. Hessel & Associates, the cost of the preliminary survey is absorbed in the fee for the campaign.

3. General Stewardship Services:
John L Hessel & Associates can assist your church in evaluating methods of current stewardship promotion, financial planning, and budget design. He can recommend resources and steps to strengthen your stewardship appeal. Processes also can be developed to help your congregation achieve a higher level of financial and spiritual commitment. Procedures can be implemented to assure the best possible response from your congregation.